DUKE International Youth Handball tournament

Dec 6, 2018

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Duke international Youth Handball Tournament is an international handball tournament for young teams. Has been established by AC Doukas in order to develop handball in young ages categories and is held regularly in Athens during Christmas and New Year holidays since 2009.


It is open for all the club teams in the world. We are looking forward to you on 10th edition of the tournament.


Duke international Youth Handball Tournament /2-5.01.2019/ - 4 game days

01.01.2019 - arrival

02.01.2019 - 1st game day + Opening ceremony

​03.01.2019 - 2nd game day

04.01.2019 - 3rd game day

05.01.2019 - 4th game day placement - finals + Closing ceremony

06.01.2019 - departure


You can registrate your teams here


For latest news follow our News tab or tournament's Facebook profile.

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  • dukehandballtournament
    Dec 6, 2018

    Duke 2019 games will be played under the following conditions: Age Categories Boys 2004/2005 Boys 2006/2007 Tournament rules The tournament follows the international rules approved by IHF with the following amendments Game duration: 2X25 (2004/2005), 2X20 (2006/2007) Ball size: Number 2 for 2004/2005, Number 0 for 2006/2007 Resin : Only for 2004/2005 Matches A team is guaranteed to play a minimum of 5 matches. Ranking of teams Ranking of teams in preliminary round and in main round groups of the A-final phase is decided as follows: 1) the total number of points won in the group, 2) the number of points from mutual matches 3) the goal difference from mutual matches 4) the number of goals scored in mutual matches 5) the total goal differences in the group 6) the total number of goals scored in group matches 7) the lot „Shoot-out“ is played, if a game is tied at the end of the regular playing time and a winner has to be determined. Winner has to be determined in all knock-out system matches, final matches and bronze medal matches. Team Roster Each club must before the start of tournament must send OC a list of all participating teams. The rosters contain the names of all players in respective category and also at least one name of a team leader. Awards Teams placed on first, second and third positron in each categories will receive Cups and medals.